River n Life...a poem

The purpose of a river is not just to meet the vast
ocean, its aim is not only to get mixed with ocean 
and lose its identity... No doubt, ocean is its 
destiny,ocean is the completeness of river... But river
is more than this... > River keeps moving till end, river experiences 
hights and depths, river faces mountains,fall from
them.A river serves humans, animals, birds, tress &
flowers with its water.... It dances with the rhythm of
its own song.Making its own tune, river makes its
own path.Sometimes it gets seprate from itself, and sometimes it gets mixed with unkown .Sometime excited like a football player
who just hit the match-winning-goal and is now
runing around the ground trying to take off like a 
helicopter, waving his arms as his wings...and
sometimes slow as still water or like a saint in his meditation.Sometimes angry like a girlfriend whose 
boyfriend is again late on date or sometimes 
romantic like a poet composing his poems... But in
every situation it keeps moving with time. River 
never waits for another river to join it.Yes many
times river makes friends but never waits.Its friendship is about matching of pace or matching of 
frequency which we call understanding or tuning...
River never asks for support, it never follows 
traditions, River is innocent like a child who doesnt 
know the meaning of religion or caste,what he 
knows is share his tiffin with evryone..River knows that it has to die in arms of ocean, but I don't think
that it ever think of ocean in its way, it simply keeps 
enjoying the adventures from mountains to ocean...

> **Now just read the above artical by replacing

 RIVER by LIFE....


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