5 Best Reviews of 'our' Book: A Girl in Love with a Beggar

         I am not a reader by choice...
And by experience, it is the second novel I read after Cohelo's-'The Alchemist'..I loved 'The Alchemist' very much..
And to my judgement, I agree it being judgement of an inexperienced..'A Girl in Love with A Beggar' gave me better insight to Human perception, philosophy and psychology...!!
Thank You Anuj Arjun for such a beautiful work..!!

Its juzzz awsm sir... everytym i read it ... i feels lyk woww!!!! N yeah hw cn i frget tht very first it ws read by me... though it ws given to me partwise by u... evn thn if u rmember i ws very curious fr the nxt part to b given... as u knw tht i am very mch intrstd in literature... 
I didn't knew tht u wr gng to introduce it as ur first novel... n yeah its really really superb sir...
N once agn a huge congratz to u ‪#‎Anuj_sir‬.. 

            A Girl In love With A Beggar is a lov story / fiction novel penned by an upcoming indian writer Mr.Anuj Arjun 
Very catchy title , pleasent look great cover design .
This story was pretty good .. Not like any thing expected from Mr. Anuj 
I like the narration of the story it keeps the reader holding till you turn the last page of the book .
No prologue no epilouge .
N specialy i like the part in which our SONNA was physically in love with her BEGGAR . Infact m dead sure that 9/10 reader's will like it . They too want this love in their lov story also .
And it is rightly said by Mr. KABIR .... Beauty Ripens With Love ...
There is not much more than this which i wanna say , just read it once n u will b in love with the story

          My first attempt in the saga of novel through this beautiful piece.
Completed in 5 hours.
A great combination of philosophy,seduction,religion which is enough to penetrate the material body and establish a direct relation with soul
A gateway to challenge the established rituals and thinking by bending your thoughts to a pure world.
Congratulations to 'kabir' For such a nice effort.


            The writing of The book ‘ A Girl in love with a Beggar’ is very inspirational task undertaken by you. I found it inspiring when you said, “you found the beggar at the metro station playing the music on his flute , mesmerized you to the extent that you wrote this book.” This indicates your strong observations about the surrounding. I too found it encouraging when you said that ‘writing’ is your source of motivation, and you don’t need any other medium to set you into motion.
All the poems are mind- blogging giving appropriate messages you want to convey. In the Poem ‘River’, I loved the way you relate the river with the life and goals. This poetry is worth several reading. The other one is where you are trying to convey message that the love and support by parents should not make you dependent upon them. This really snatches away one’s emotional independence. This poetry put me into deep introspection about my childhood. In fact, it’s the reality of every individual.
I liked the whole discussion of Kabir with the children. You are right that giving birth to a child is the act of supreme love by parents but they have no right to wipe away any special skills that we are born with.
I felt encouragement at the philosophy of success: We are born successful. That’s amazing!!
That’s awesome that we should do something which gives us happiness; not to do something for the sake of success.
This is nice that through this writing you threw the light on the education system of India.
“90% of psychological disease is just because of suppression of something inside you. Expression is therapy.” I have never paid attention to this thing before.
The book is indeed the treasure of philosophy to which everyone can relate to easily and profoundly.
However, The conversation between Kabir and Shona is mostly informal, in fact colloquial expression like ‘come na’..This word, ‘na’ could have been avoided while writing. To my point of view, this way you could attract wider readers.
At some places, I found the transition of events so abrupt.
Overall, it was awesome reading and I am looking forward to read more of my works in future too.
KEEP IT UP, Great job!!!

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