Questions of a Reader...Answers of a Writer

Q1)  What is life?

--Life is bigger than we know, we think or we can imagine. Life is simple if you know that life is not simple. Life is the most complex phenomenon. It is unpredictable. There is no user-manual for life. There is no one to tell you what are you doing here. No guides, no rules. You are lost in the forest. Beautiful flowers and river are here in this forest and deadly animals are also here. Keep doing whatever you want to do in this forest. There is nothing to lose. At most we can lose life, and it also not a loss. Because after death nothing matters.
Life is not a problem to be solved.
See it is simple. Water is to drink, food is to eat, clothe is to wear similarly life is to live. And beauty of life is you can choose the way you want to live. That’s it. Simple.

Q2)  Do you respect Girls?

--Gender is not the parameter to earn respect Miss Tanpreet Kaur. I don’t disrespect any one. And respect who deserves it. It is independent of whether it is boy or girl. 

Q3)  What do you feel about girls?

--It is a big question, I will try to answer it deeply and in less words. Try to feel it… if man is constructing this world then woman is beautifying it. Man is constructer and woman is decorator. Man is a flower and woman is its fragrances. Man is water and woman is its flow, both of them completes the river. Man is a poet and woman is poetry. But few people don’t understands this in India they think they are in compition so they are fighting with each other from centuries, taking revenge from each other. It is because no one told this thing to our people. India needed some good writers so I am here. I will try my best.

Q4)  Do you believe in Friendship?

--Relations are the name of feelings. ‘Likeness’ is the feeling and ‘friendship’ is the name. Same for other relations. Motherhood, Fatherhood, Brotherhood all these are name of feelings. And we all know the difference of feeling in all these relations. All these relations are different form of friendship. Friendship is the base of all relationships. The more you like someone the more friendly you become with him or her. But love is different, we are discussing it in your next question. 

Q5)  Do you believe in Love?

--‘Likeness’ is measureable. Love is immeasurable. Love is one of three most misunderstood topic in whole world, other two are Religion and Sex. Here we are only talking about Love. Friendship depends on other person. Love is your quality it is independent of everything and everyone. Love is inside you. It is love when you don’t hate anyone. It is love when this universe seems home to you. It is love when life don’t frightened you. Love is the absence of every kind of fear. People asks me ‘Can love happen twice?’ I simply asked them back ‘Can birth happen twice?’ if birth can’t happen twice then love also can’t happen twice. Love is the birth of something inside you. And with this birth of something you can love whole world. Love is the feeling when only blessing comes out of your heart. Only blessings. It is nothing to do with other person. Love is light emerging out of you. Whoever comes close to they will feel your love. No less no more it will be same, it will be infinity for everyone. Jab pyar hota hai to duniya se bda Dil hojata hai… A heart in which there is place for whole world. The thing you are doing with a girl or a boy is a friendship, a beautiful friendship. Love you do with ‘the whole’, with ‘the entirety’, with ‘the existence’.  Ok that’s it. otherwise it will never. Love is bigger than I can write.

Q6)  Who is your first love…? Let me guess this is your Shona?

--There is nothing like first love. Shona is my closest closest closet Friend. With Shona I go some much deep inside life that I met with Love. She is my companion to the experience of Love. Let tell me you every child born with this love I am talking about, but people and society takes him away from love. Otherwise we are Buddha by birth. 

Q7)  Who is your best friend?

--I think now you know the answer.

Q8)  Any other girl other your girlfriend, whom you like the most?

--Yeah, there are many…I can’t even count. Now recently I met a girl in IITR. Tanpreet. I admire her very very very much. I am very lucky in this way. Wherever I go, I always meet with fabulous people.

Q9)  Do you know what is your life’s purpose?

--Purpose of every life is same…mine, yours and everyone’s. Purpose of life is to live. Right question is what I want to do with my life? On this moment of life I just want to write whatever is inside me. I will think of something else when I will be empty.

Q10)   Who is your favourite writer?

--Few days back Paulo Coelho used to be my favourite writer. Then I read Munsi Premchand. He is master piece. He can write everything in every way. Whole India should be proud of him.   

Q11)  What you look in any person before allowing them to entre in your life?

--Actually there is no such any criteria. But yeah I don’t like to be with negative people. I tried my best to help them to see this world in a positive way but if I failed in this which usually happen. Then I move on. I don’t help people who don’t want to help themselves.
It just happen, there is no any specifications. If I feel good in his or presence then I can be with them, but yeah this is sure if I don’t feel good then I can’t be with he or she even for a single moment. Every moment my life I want to feel good. I prefer to be alone than being with someone who make me feel negative. Every moment should be blissful. And this is the way I make my way of life, I follow the blissfulness. I let it take me wherever it want to take me. And please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying this the perfect way and everybody should do like this. It is just and experiment. I am doing an experiment with my life. Journey is beautiful let’s see what will be the destination…

Q12)  Any incident of your life which you remember the most?

--Hahaha… my life is full of such events… I can’t even select one to discuss here. Ok. Being obedient to your question and being faithful to all those event which made my life a life. I can tell you an event from where I can say journey of my life started. I was in 5th class. And there was a Teacher, Parmveer sir. He was not teaching us. He was the teacher of senior classes. But first time I saw him giving a speech in assembly. And it was so alive that I can still feel the fire inside me which he light in me that day. He filled me with life.

Q13)  Any incident of your life which you dislike the most?

--No! No! No ways! I can’t do this injustice to my life. I can’t dislike anything now. It was perfect. Everything was perfect. Everything made me what I am today, and I love it what I am now. So I can’t dislike anything now. Yeah, when things were happening to me I used to fight, I used to hate, I used to dislike because I didn’t know why those things were happening but now I know. And it is good. Thanks a lot to life to happening to me.

Q14)  Any person whom you hate the most?

--Again I can’t answer this question. Now I just love. I can’t hate anyone. Hating someone is wastage of life. It is a sin. And it is not sin because it is written somewhere in moral books. It is sin because it takes you away from your life. if I think I am about to start hating someone then I just move on and forget about he or she completely. I can’t waste my time and my life to hate someone. Life is too short to hate someone. There is a very nice dialog from a move Action Jakson… “Accha laga to Dil me, warna Dimaag me bi nhi…” this is simple and this is what I do. If l don’t like anyone then I leave him behind. I don’t let hate take birth inside me.

Q15)  Which is your favourite movie?

--Devdas… I can watch it anytime. It is perfect movie. Writing. Direction. Acting. Music. Everything.

Q16)  Which is your favourite actor?

--There is only one versatile actor in Bollywood. Ajay Devgan. He can do anything. Comedy he do. Action he can do. Romance he can do. Tuff roles he can do. Soft roles he do. No one can’t replace him as Don from ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’ and no one can’t also replace him as a comedian from ‘All the best’. He is my favourite actor in Bollywood. And if we enlarge our circle then the man is Jim Carry. Jim Carry is unbeatable. As an actor and as a human being also.

Q17)  Who is your favourite actress?

--If you force me chose from bollywood then I will say Kajol or Deepika…but on the name of actress there is only one woman. Sandra Bullock. She is my favourite. I am having the collection of her almost every movie. She is…. No words… she is nice… perfect…

Q18)  Do you like Mother Teresa, Abdul Kalam, if yes then why?

--Being very honest I didn’t read much about Mother Teresa. So can’t talk about her. And yes I like Abdul Kalam he was a very nice man. I like him not because he was the president of India or he did nice work in science. I like him because he really tried hard to encourage the youth. He is the man who very well understood that students are the future.

Q19) The place where you want to go?

--Everywhere. I want to go everywhere. I love to travel new places. 


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