I am a rapist...an unreleased interview of roadies X4

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“I don’t want to talk to this guy. He is a potential rapist.” Neha Dhupia said this to other judges of Roadies about me. I am Kabir. I was standing in front of four judges of Roadies for the interview. 
“Mr. Kabir, I seriously want to come there and slap you for what have you written in your form.” This was Ranvijay.
“There is a question in form. No sex for whole life or rape? And Kabir, your chose the option rape! What the hell wrong with you!” This was Karan Kundra.
“You know what! We got thousands of form here and everybody said no! Never! They will never rape a girl. Seriously what the hell wrong with you! Because of people like you, girls are not safe in our country. You are sick! Don’t you have any respect for girls? What if she is your sister damn it! Fuck off! I don’t even want to see your face.” She was Neha madam again.
“Nikalo iss yhan se…bhulaya kyu hai iss yhan…” Sushil kumar.
They were all looking at me in disdain. 
When I was entering into that room I was nervous but seeing their reaction I became excited. That reaction from them was unexpected. I was thinking they were mature people. Their reaction was childish. If anything, doesn’t matter right or wrong, can provoke you to abuse someone or slap someone then its mean something is wrong inside you. 

“Ok, that’s it. May I have the chance to say something sir…madam?” I was talking to four of them at the same time. 
“O God! You still want to say anything! Don’t dare to justify your cheap mentality.” I ignored this reaction of Neha and looked at Karan with a question in my eyes. 
“Ok, you have two mins. Speak.” Karan said this. 

“Thank you! Listen now. I will not rape. So relax now and listen carefully.”
“I will not rape not because I respect or disrespect anyone. Respect don’t have anything to do with sex and gender. I don’t disrespect anyone and respect who deserve it.
I will not rape because I know the sex. And I know sex is not more important than life.
And what I have written in this form is not my answer. It is the answer to the question which you have asked in the form. 
All religions, every society is asking this question from the starting of first civilization. And because of this question the word ‘rape’ exist. Without this question, ‘rape’ can’t exist. ‘No sex whole life’ from where this condition arise? And why?
You were saying that you got thousands of forms in which everybody said that they will not rape, no! never! The way you were saying it. 
But my answer is yes because from where I am coming…from the society, culture or class. I didn’t meet any guy who will not rape, not even a single one... Of course their answer will be that only… no! and never! But deep inside them, they knew it, what can sex make them do. 
Ok, let me be more specific. And believe I am also against of rape. And I know it is a sickness. And here I am doing nothing but trying to repair this sickness. To repair this, first, we have to understand this sickness. 
1st point is…
First we both, boys and girls, have to understand that sex is two different thing for boys and girls. I am not talking about the mentality… I am not saying that sex is the joke for boys and taboo for girls… no! This difference is just because of the society we are living in. it is just artificial. We can change it by just educating them about sex. But what I am talking about is the bigger problem. We can educate others only if we can understand it. 
There is a difference between the way a boy and girl feel about sex. Not saying ‘feel’… I can better say there is a difference between the biology of sex between boy and girl. A Girl can live without sex her whole life and she will never turn into a rapist. She may fall ill, she may have other diseases because of suppression of sex but she will never turn into a rapist. Because deep down she know she will never be satisfied by rape. Her satisfaction is beyond her body. Rape is just an intercourse. And she knows just intercourse will do nothing for her. 
But for a boy sex is just touching and intercourse. A boy can be satisfied by just sex. And that’s why a boy is a potential rapist where a girl prefers to wait for a prince charming.  This is about that a boy can be a rapist. Now why he need to?

2nd thing is …
Sex is kind of disease which is 50% cured when we do it the first time. and 25% is cured when we do it few more times. Remaining 25% is never cured. I will not rape a girl because I am cured. You are saying that you will live without sex because you are cured. Think about the boy who is 100% ill.
Even if you have asked me this question few years back when I was in 12th then my answer would be that I will rape. That time I could not even think about ‘no sex whole life’. If I looked at myself few years back from now then I can see a demon inside me called sex. And we have to spit it out that demon otherwise that demon will turn you into a demon. And that’s what happening now. 
I know sex because I have girlfriend, you know sex because you have boyfriend or girlfriend and that how we know sex is nothing. But 60% of boys don’t have the girlfriend in the place from where I belong. So sex is a very big thing for them like it was for me few years back. And it keeps becoming bigger with time. And 40% of boys just get married to have sex. And that is also a rape. Arrange marriage is rape. You are having sex on the very first night with a complete stranger. You are just not protesting, you can’t protest even if you want to protest. That’s why many women fall in hate with sex. 

3rd thing is…

Even after all these things they might stop themselves turning into rapist if they have any idea what it does mean to a girl to be raped. I know it because I can feel it through my girlfriend. 
A boy can know it if his mother, his sister, his girlfriend ever told him what is mean to them but again we are lagging here. Because talking about sex is the sin here.

So remove the board of ‘no sex’ and there will not be a rapist. Talk about sex and there will not be a rapist. Give sex education in schools and there will not be a rapist. Let boys and girls know each other and there will not be a rapist.” 

All four judges were sitting quietly. Expressionless. I thought they don’t know I am done so I decided to tell them.
“I am done, sir. I don’t want to be on this show I just came here for the interview. So can I leave now?” they were still expressionless. I started moving slowly hoping they will wake seeing me going but none of them moved so I came back.           

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