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Sometimes our life becomes unfriendly with us. Like it doesn’t care about us at all. Like it doesn’t want to be with us anymore. Sometimes life behaves like an annoyed Girlfriend. You even don’t know why it/she is annoyed. But you know something is incomplete which you have to complete but you don’t know what it is. So you are helpless. How can you correct something if you don’t know what is incorrect. You are watching things going wrong. An urge takes birth inside you to make everything right but your hands are tied.
Then a point comes when you want to let go everything. Where you want to let go your girlfriend. When you want a breakup. When you want breakup with life.
And breakup with life is called suicide.
I was at this ultimate point that day.  But I can’t commit suicide. Because I have been at this ultimate point many times. And I know this point, this place and this time. First few times I didn’t commit suicide because I was a coward but then I got to know that this stage is temporary. It always changes. Things always change like seasons even faster than seasons. I got to know that this is not the ultimate point where life ends. Some people say this point lies on the circle so there nothing like end or start but I think this point somewhere lies on the line which starts from infinity and end on infinity. Because nature doesn't repeat itself. Time which has gone is gone. Yeah! We don’t know train of this time came from where and is going where now. We don’t know the driver of the train also. This is the tragedy of life. Think, you are travelling in a train and you don’t know where is it going and you can’t even ask the driver because he is not there. Now you can do only one thing, the whole world is doing this. You can believe that wherever he is taking us should be good. New passenger keep coming and old passenger keeps going and you don’t know where they are coming and where they are going because this train is not stopping at any station.
And let me tell you what I think. This train will never stop, it will always keep running like this. There is no destination. There is the only journey. The journey is home. The journey is life. 
We can travel this journey by seeing beautiful villages passing outside the window or by just reading a novel lying in our berth. We can also travel it by arguing and fighting with fellow passengers or by cracking jokes, by laughing and making others laugh. With love and compassion. 

I was thinking all these things walking in the campus of IIT Roorkee waiting for my suicidal phase to pass. 
Something hit me, hit me in very depth. A voice. A voice that was flowing, flowing in a very rhythmic way. Not words, only voice. A voice more musical than songs I ever heard. 
There was no reason for me not follow that voice. I followed.
There were two students singing with their guitars. And that voice turns into a beautiful song as I approached them. I can still remember that song was ‘Nadaan Parindaye’ from Rockstar.   
I sat there with them on stairs and listened to their songs. That day I experience something which forced me to write about it. That’s what I am doing now.   
That day I got an answer of my question. And that question was why people go to listen to live music while they can listen to those songs on their music system at home. And why they even pay for live music. 
Answer is…
Live music is alive. Music on music system is dead. And you can’t feel anything dead. You can feel only alive things. You can connect yourself with something living. Listing song on music system is like having sex with a dead body. Live music is like having sex with an alive person. 
People may say that even songs on their music system enhance their mood. But let me tell you. Watch it carefully. It can only make your mood good when your mood is already good. You can feel it because you are already feeling it. It never changes anything inside you. It just supports what you are feeling already. 
But live music can transport you. It can take you far away from you are. And you don’t need any extraordinary singer to do that. Even an average ordinary singer can do that. Even those two students were not professional singers and I am sure they must even never learnt to sing anywhere. They were singing just as a hobby. But it was so good that if anyone is passing by them who is planning to commit suicide then this live music can force him to sit for few minutes and listen before dying. And then in those few minutes, it may give him a good therapy. And maybe he will cancel his plan of dying. 
That’s why I called live music a therapy.
Those two students were Udit and Ankit from IIT Roorkee. 
This is a thank letter to both of them making my one evening beautiful and also thanks for stopping someone from committing suicide.
Thanks a lot.      


  1. Beautiful piece of writing.
    And Thanks for the appreciation. It is not the Atrist, it is the audience like you and rest of the people there who make the live music alive. An artist enjoys playing and gets the enthusiasm and energy only when he has a wonderful and appreciative audience. Thanks for being there!

  2. Thank you for these beautiful words. I am really touched by your thoughts. And yes music can change anyone's life.


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