Three Friends

Three friends were travelling on NH1. In last 3 hour, more than 100 km they had covered. To understand the story you should understand their age first. Their age in India is the age when people decide to be criminal or to be a saint or to be nothing. They are neither college boys nor working men. They are in the age when boys turn into men. They passed out college 1 or 2 years ago, now they were waiting for some company to open its door for them.
Ok, let me introduce you to these three below average boys/men from India. I am mentioning ‘India’ because this country has something to do with the way they are now!
The guy who was driving the car is Monu. He is unluckiest out of three. He always wanted to be an athlete and also very good at it till class 10th. But then the thing happened which happened with most of the students in India. His parents drag him into studies. Not only drag him into studies, they even forced him to get above 90 percent. In that race, he lost his contact with the guy who wanted to be an athlete. After school, his parents told him to go to engineering so he followed. Maybe because it is written in some holy Book, maybe because your parents brought you up and now you have to return them a favour or maybe because they are paying for your studies. The most important and hidden, maybe because children here are not brought up in such a way that they will ever able stand alone, on their feet, on their decision. They are not brought up to take their decision themselves. Like the unconscious mind, Monu is afraid of going away from his parents. In last 1 year, he got many job opportunity but he didn’t use any because he has a disease of listening to everyone.
The guy who was sitting at the rare seat is Yogi. He is the luckiest out of three. He got the job after a year’s struggle, within few days he will join. So he is trying to celebrate these few days. He almost got everything whatever he wished in his life but not in an easy way. First life makes him cry on his knees. He had learnt a thing in a hard way. There is no doubt on his intelligence and maturity. But something is funnily wrong in his roots. He has never been in contacts with girls so he is not having any softness, neither in his speaking nor in his action. It’s not his mistake. He got it from his father in heritage. He is having enough confidence to speak in parliament but he can’t even say ‘hi’ to a girl. There are only a few people like him. He is trying to love what he hates. He spent four years of college in Pune away from home. Fromm him it was like if a fifth class boy left into college. He was just into his family and village, he was not allowed to go out and see the world. But suddenly he was left into college. He was afraid of everything but had no option other than face them. So he did. And that fear brought him closer to his hoses. He started loving it more. He became grounded with his roots. He must be the only person who keeps pics of his buffalos on his phone. He is mature, unlike Monu. But his maturity is about logics. He doesn't know the maturity of illogic because he had never known any girl. You have to know a girl to understand the beauty of irrationality.
The guy sitting in the second front seat is Anu. He has seen the beauty of both; rationality and irrationality. He doesn’t have anything to do with good or bad luck. He has left a job and now looking for another one. Life doesn’t have anything to do with him. He himself doing it for him. He never achieved anything, never won, even he quit playing now.  He doesn't have anything but he is happy with his nothing. He used to be in girl’s talks. He had many kinds of relations with many girls. He is having a simple philosophy ‘Do what you love to do!’ He is almost mad. We are having a fresh example of his madness. That day Anu brought Monu and Yogi to a marriage. They travelled 120 km to attend this marriage. When they reached there they got to know marriage is not today it is tomorrow. Mr Anu didn’t know that today is 21st November, not 22nd.
Now they are travelling back 120 km. That was not that much simple. When they got to know about this Yogi and Moun were furious. They were shouting and abusing on this stupidity. But within few minutes shouting turned into laughter on this stupidity. Then laughter turned into a smile and then discussion died. 
They were travelling in silence now. If they were college boys then the whole way would pass talking about new movies, listening latest songs and transferring data from one’s phone to another’s. but they are little grown  up now. They are no more interested in each other’s music library. They go for movies but don’t talk about them.
If they were working men. One the first place there is no possibility of this stupid trip. If it would happen they may be busy with their phone calls and talking about work. They don’t think about movies or songs. They would prefer to travel in silence.    
Our three boys/men are not that much grown up yet. They don’t love the silence that much. But nothing seems worth of discussion. Neither school days nor college days. Neither Modi nor Kejriwal. Neither past nor future.
Then Anu broke the silence with the most restricted but still most discussed the topic in India. Actually, restriction on it is the reason for its popularity. It is somehow a natural law, whatever you will restrict or suppressed it will come up with greater momentum.   
“How many time in a day you think about sex?” asked Anu to both of them.
Both of them laughed load but didn’t answer. Monu dragged more attention from the road to Anu. And Yogi was almost sitting in between front two seats.
“No. Seriously yaar. I am completely irritated by thinking about sex all the time.” Anu confessed it first. He knew otherwise they were not going to open up themselves. Everyone boy thinks that only he is obsessed with sex and other are very neat and clean. So they let that sin get more sinner inside them.
“Seriously Anu! Me too!” confessed Yogi.
“Me too! Seriously it’s too much now. It’s fucking uncontrollable. Yesterday, I saw a lady on the bus when I was going for classes and believe me, it becomes impossible for me to stay in class, the whole day I kept hiding my erection with my bag. I was seeing every girl with same eyes. Damn man! This is a sin. Let me tell you. Sex is not a sin. But thinking about sex all the time is a sin!”
“You know what! I have been with you for 6 or 7 years but the first time you said something sensible. I am proud of you my boy!” said Anu patting on the shoulder of Monu and three of them burst into laughter on their personal joke. Some jokes are so personal that only friends can laugh about it, it may seem foolish to third person.
“Sex is not a sin but keeping sex in mind is sin…” Anu modified it “Yes it is true yaar. But you know what guys, we know sex is not a sin but now feelings for sex is engraved deeply inside us. We can’t get out of it anyhow.”
“Only you can understand you this deep language…” yeah true Anu sometimes talk in poetic language.
“Ok, it’s simple, listen. Tell me why you don’t have sex even if you are starving for it?” a question simple to ask and difficult to answer.
Bhaishabb, if you are in your senses then you should know we need a girl to have sex… and girls don’t even look at us when they talk to us…”
“Actually, they don’t even talk to us.” Yogi rectified Monu specifically.
“Okay. But you can go to prostitutes… why not?”Anu was saying things very casually so they will not think that he is judging them or something like this.
“Shut up! Everyone is not like you. This is the height of cheapness. I can be virgin my whole life but will never have sex with a prostitute.” Anu knew moun’s reaction even before asking the question so he turned to Yogi and looked at him for his answer.
“I don’t have a problem to have sex with a prostitute but I don’t want to lose my virginity with a prostitute…” 
“See, this is the point. Sex is not just sex for us. We had made it something more than sex. We had made sex the issues of pride and respect. But our Biology doesn't give any damn about your pride and respect. It needs sex when it needs it. Just like when your stomach is empty you feel hungry. Or like when your bladder is above half then you have an urge to pass out urine. Just like that, you have the urge to have sex. I don’t know why we made it so complex.” 
“You are talking like you are having sex everyday… we know you well. You are also striving for it. so pleases don’t lecture.” It was Yogi.
“Of courses, I am also like. Because I am also living in the environment in which you are living. The base of mind is same as yours and that is the way I am also suffering from it. And by the way, I am not lecturing. I am just discussing it.
Whatever you are having is also embedded in me also. And this is the problem whole our life we will not able to weep this out of us. It will be always inside us. Our being is bigger than our brain. Understanding the problem will not solve that. I know that. But at least we should not pass this illness to our next generation.”


 To be continued... 


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