My Dear Boys...

My Dear Boys, Please try to understand this, women in India have already suffered more than enough. They are suffering from thousands of years. I don’t know how but somehow we have forgotten that women are also human beings just like you, they are having a soul just like you, they feel happiness and sadness just like you or may be more than you. They also have desires, they also have dreams just like you. They are not objects, they are not animals. They are very much alive, more alive than men. If you don’t believe me than go home see your sister, see your mother, your wife, your girlfriend. They are human beings. But our society programmed your mind as if they are objects. And let’s stop blaming society because you are not kids any more. You are having your understanding. You are having your eyes, can’t you see a girl’s discomfort, cant you see tears in her eyes when a stranger passes comment or touch her in bus or train. And I am not talking about moral values here, I am not saying be afraid of god or he will send you to hell after death… no this is not about after death. This is about before death. Ok see, can you live comfortably or happily in your home if one member of your home is ill or sad? No! you will not be able to live happily. Then how can you live happily in the society by making a girl sad. It is about keeping our home clean, it is about keeping our society clean. Don’t do it for god or others, do it for yourself, do it for your home. Rapes, acid attack, eve teasing in public transport or office are making our life hell, hell before death because there are many crying hearts daily. No one will be able to sleep comfortably in this hell. If you cant be Ram, at least don’t be Raven. Just be a common man, a simple man, that would be more than enough. Treat girls like they are human beings. And with the happiness of girls this society will become heaven, heaven before death. Boys are physically stronger so its their responsibility to support every girl whenever they need. Sex is not more beautiful than smile on a girl’s face. If you want sex then wait or search for your key partner. Women are alive let them live, let them breath.     


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