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Book Synopsis

“My Blind Father…” it is a story of Om, who is thanking god for the blindness of his father. It is story which if left untold then every child will wish their fathers could be blind. Om is writing this story when his father is on death bed. He is telling his life story and how his father helped him to live completely, live to the fullest of life, how to drink every drop from the glass of life. 
Children were suppressed from the beginning of the civilizations. Women were suppressed by men. And they both together suppressed the child. Osho said ‘there will be liberation of child after the liberation of woman.’ Now this is the time. ‘My Blind Father’ is the beginning of child liberation in India.
This story will take you into the depths of child psychology to understand the child, to help the child, to provide them an environment where then can grow to their best potentials. From the beginning of civilization we are growing by ignoring child. Because it is very easy to ignore a child, you can tell them to shut up. You can force them to sit silently, so we forget how to understand a child. Your world is perfectly well without understanding a child. But now you can see the results. Ignoring a child, disrespecting the freedom of a child is producing criminals in the society. Now we need to understand a child to make our society crimeless. This book is to help everyone to understand the child. To make our civilization more civilized.

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