What is Love...?

People ask me what is love… Actually youth ask about love. Indeed they are not asking about love they are asking about their own problems. A boy attracted to girl, a girl attracted to boy is not love. Its just attraction. Its just likeness, and likeness happens with seeing eyes but love happens with blind eyes. Because in love you don’t need to see who is standing in front of you. Love took birth inside you and it spread out from you there is nothing other person can do in this. Love is not relation or attraction between boy or a girl, that is lust not love. From last few centuries we are calling this lust as love. Love is completely different, its nothing to do with boy or girl. It has something to do with you and nature. You and this universe. Lust fades, attraction fades but not love. And people are making relationships on the bases of this lust and then they hope it will last long. How can it be last long, its will fade and it had to destroy. Love is not also base of any relation. Relation can be made only on the basis of friendship. Enjoy lust and that attraction there is nothing wrong in it. But don’t make life long relations on the bases of this seasonal thing , wait for friendship to happen. This attraction can give birth to friendship if respect and understanding is there. And then friendship can take you to love. This is one way to reach love there are many others. Like meditation and art.  


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