Why one should read 'My Blind Father'...

Why one should read ‘My Blind Father…’

In India, almost every child is suffering from many kinds of fears, insecurity, suppression and complexes. People burdened themselves with these childhood illness their whole life. I know, no one can go into past and undo what happened in past but with the understanding in this book people can unload themselves from the past, from childhood illness. And second reason why should read this book is, with this understanding of child psychology we can give a better world to the next generation.     

You all know the condition of youth now a days… strikes of DU students, case of JNU, Jaat aarakshan in Haryana, Drugs in Punjab, day-today dangge in Maharaster, Rape cases, number of divorces case in Indian courts, suicide rate of students, depression in teenagers and many more…Whole India is burning with the inside fire of youth. And this youth is not uneducated, this youth doesn’t belong to criminal families, this youth is studying in top colleges of India and belongs to normal and regular families. This Book will tell you why this is happening, this book will tell you how can you stop it...



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