Happy and Sad state of Mind...

There are two things, one is happy state of mind and second is sad state of mind. In happy state of mind we are happy, everything seems good and beautiful. We live with positive attitude, everything become simple.
On other side there is sad state of mind in which every simple thing seems problem to us, we always live in some kind of fear. We don’t live actually, we just keep suffering. And this living and suffering is not real, they are just state of mind.
Now problem is… most of us are biased towards sad state of mind. We are living in the society where people have tendency to fall into sad state of mind. It is possible to have tendency to fall in happy state of mind, it is completely possible that you can always live in a happy state of mind. But we are more attracted towards pain and sadness. People who suffered a lot are our hero. Even in movie Hero always suffer. This is the truth of our society.
Now situation is, we search for pain to become Hero. We don’t search for beauty, we don’t search for blissfulness, we don’t search for happiness. He search for sadness, we search for agony.
We judge people by the suffering they went though. If someone has not gone through a tough struggle then he or she is not good enough to gain your respect. Even we are teaching our kids about their suffering not about their blissfulness.
we have to break this chain otherwise our next generation will also have this illness. We have to understand this. We have to practice to live in happy state of mind and gradually we will attain it.


  1. There is a state after (we search for pain to become hero)when we work/live in the present state of mind n we forget the pain to find peace and this peace help us to "not to worry"for the future...

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