Lessons from bike trip in mountains...

Lessons from bike trip in mountains…

There is a difference between when you are riding the bike and when you are sitting on the behind the rider. Of course it is risky riding a bike in such dangerous tracks. Everybody will see the fear. But the guy who is sitting on the back seat will be more afraid than the guy who is riding the bike. And its completely logical. First reason is the guy who is riding the bike have very less time for fear he or she is busy in fighting with the situation. The guy sitting behind have all the time to imagine worst things. So he is more afraid.
Second and important reason is, we cant believe anyone else more than our self. Doesn’t matter how good he is or how bad we are. When handle of bike is in others hand we are afraid. We are afraid that he is having full attention on road or not. Whether he will take turn or not. Whether he will apply brake or not. If handle is in our hand we will believe in our self and we will know what we are doing. We can handle it.    

Same thing we can apply in our life. We will be more afraid when handle of our life will be in someone’s else hands. May be he is better rider than us, may be he is more experienced than us but than we will have to live our whole life in a fear.

Get up and take the handle of your life in your hands. May be you will be slower, may be you will reach late or will not reach first but you will enjoy the ride…

Have a good ride.. :) 

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