Work and Emotions.

Too much of every thing is bad.
Yes, work can takes you away from emotions and
yes, emotions takes you nowhere.
But, too much of work make you machine,
and too much of emotions makes you helpless.
It is good you want darkness to vanish.
Its your intentions, its your emotions.
But you have to work now, you have to light a candle now.
Lighting a candle without emotion is pointless and
only intention and no work is of no use.
Keep the light of emotions, its the point of everything.
And keep working, keep moving,
lighting the candles in your way, its making the point.
Give shape to your emotions in the form of work
otherwise they will start eating you.
Work, not for show off, not for money, not for others.
Work, for yourself. Work, because you can,
because you are good at it and
there is a reason why you are good at something.
 And there is also a reason why you have certain set of emotions.
don’t underestimate any of both. Neither work nor emotions.
Work work and work until you can handle your emotions.


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