A Girl in Love with a Beggar ; Synopsis

This is the story of a 24 year old girl; SHONA, who is doctor by profession and by heart, and fortunately falls in love with a Beggar. This is the soul of the story that how a well educated girl falls in love with a Beggar. And how can it be so strong in one month that it will become the matter of life and death for her? And she didn’t fall actually; she kept on falling in the eternal depths of his love and wisdom… yes that Beggar is full of wisdom, that Beggar is 22 year old KABIR. 
Kabir kept opening himself to her as they move further in story. First Shona took him to a place  to talk where she asked him that thousands of girls pass from there where he sit to beg and play his flute, and everyone listen voice of his flute and everyone can see wisdom in his smile and in his long beard. Then why only she is so much attracted towards him. Why only she falls in love with him, why not any other girl. And Kabir introduced her with one law of nature by his words which satisfy her question why and why not we get attracted to someone or something. Being impressed by his answer, next day she took him to her class where students asked him number of questions like, 
“what is the purpose of our existence?”, 
“How much our parents own us?”, 
“Why is individual freedom so costly in India?”, 
“There has to be a work which is made for me, which can be done only by me, which should be waiting for me..? There is na sir…?”,
“Sir, please talk about loneliness.”,
“what is the importance of Aim in our life?”,
“What about future, sir? Is it really already written? And can we predict it?”,
“Sir what is success?”
And there he not only answered the asked and unasked question, he shows the magic of his words, he shows that sometimes eyes speaks better than words, and sometimes gaps between words speak louder than words. 
After getting the answer of these question from Kabir, Shona don’t have any reason to stop herself from die in Kabir like a river die in sea. 
On the way back from School, Shona asked a question which changed the route of the story. She asked him “ what he wants from life?” and his answer force her doctor mind to know more and more about him as soon as possible. His answer was “Death”. To know him more Shona decided to stay at his place that night. There she first time got to know that sex is beyond intercourse. 
And within few days she got to know that he is not a Beggar he is just living like a Beggar.  He is a Writer. And that time he was writing a Book; “A girl in Love with a Beggar…” he was writing their story… but problem is he wants to die. He is welcoming his death. Shona wants to live him more, She wants to help him but then her family interfere in this. Because they don’t want their daughter involved with a Muslim boy and moreover who is Beggar. Her father got heart attack when he got to know about her daughter is in love with a Muslim Beggar. Now this is the story about, what Shona will do, she will sacrifice her love and happiness to make her family happy or she will sacrifice her family to save her love and happiness… 
We all face this question at some instant of life, “on what bases life is measured; on the bases of Sacrifice you made to make people happy around you or on the base of fights you fought to get the things that made you happy. And question is what the limit to this sacrifice or to this fight is?”
Here I tried to give the answer of this question by this story.


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